We are equipped with rvg devices for intra-oral imaging . At the time of the shooting , an intraoral snapshot of your teeth appears on a screen right in front of you. Except an rvg device, we are equipped with an intra-oral camera.

For a detailed diagnosis we collaborate with centers of Dental Radiology , equipped with a digital machine for making panoramic shots , and CBCT device that gives a detailed insight into the hard tissue . CBCT is the gold standard in implantology planning . 3D diagnostics today is imperative .

Oral hygiene

Great emphasis is placed on maintaining oral health and hygiene . Every patient at the first examination will receive instructions on proper brushing technique , what kind of toothbrush to use , how often and when you brush your teeth . During the initial examination the patient will get instructions on oral hygiene. We propose a detailed removal of hard and soft deposits and polishing. A review every six months will ensure you a healthy and beautiful teeth .

Conservative Dentistry

A dental filling is one of the most common procedures in dentistry . We use exclusively high-quality materials such as Ivoclar Vivadent , SHOFU , GC , Ultradent , that provide superior aesthetic results as well as garanteed quality.

„ Doctor, I have a tooth ache , I'm going to blind from the pain !! “

We are equipped with excellent apparatus for machining Endodontics , Morita TriAuto Mini device , which ensures accurate processing of root canals and significantly reduced postoperative sensitivity and saving time - what once took five arrivals is now reduced to only 1-2 arrivals.


Periodontology, a branch of the dental medicine which deals with the treatment of the tooth supporting structures ( bone , cementum , periodontal disease , gingiva ) and which has recently experienced a real progress . The teeth that were once condemned to extraction , today have a different prognosis .. Periodontitis is a chronic infection that affects the gums and bone that supports the teeth , which can lead to tooth loss .

Sore to the touch and bleeding gums are the first sign that gingivitis is developing in the mouth. Over time, periodontal pockets can develop from gingivitis, which accumulate bacteria or plaque . If you notice that your gums bleed when brushing , that they are painful , swollen and red , or they are itchy , immediately get your periodontal examination. Periodontal disease is possible to treat successfully if treated on time.

The elderly , the diabetics, smokers , menopausal women , pregnant women , adolescents , and all who are often exposed to stress are the most vulnerable, and should get regular check-up every 6 months .


Own dental laboratory allows us an individual approch to each prosthetic , to the mutual satisfaction of the patient and our team.

We are pleased to provide you with a smile !

Noritake ceramics is the only ceramic that satisfies our high-quality criteria. Extremely abrasive ceramic that keeps your natural teeth from abrasion is our gold standard . Uncompromising aesthetics and superior grip are a key advantage of our full an partial dentures . For prosthetic we use only German’s Heraeus Kultzer materials, which are the global number one, and, except the quality , provide excellent aesthetic results

You lost all your teeth , and you want to look beautiful ? Full dentures , with or without palate , are our challenge . To restore a smile and function to a patient who lost their teeth is priceless

The knowledge and skills of our dental technicians will provide you with a smile that you have always dreamed of !

Cosmetic Dentistry

The goal of modern dental medicine , at the time the function is no longer enough , is aesthetics . Modern technology allows us superior aesthetic results . We offer composite and ceramic veneers , Veneers Empress Direct , e - inlay , onlay , overlay , metal - ceramic crowns , porcelain crowns , porcelain on gold .

Zoom WhiteSpeed is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes... and outshines the competition when it comes to results and efficacy. That’s thanks in part to WhiteSpeed’s advanced LED light technology, which emits at the optimal light spectrum with 100% greater light intensity than the closest competitive lamp.4 When combined with the pH booster in the whitening gel, our advanced blue LED technology greatly accelerates the whitening process, delivering dramatic results your patients will love in just one office visit.

During teeth whitening, the patient can watch TV or listen to music. If you maintain regular hygiene, your teeth will remain lighter than they were before whitening . Depending on your lifestyle (consumption of coffee, black tea, cola, red wine, smoking ...), it is possible that, in a few years time, the process will need to be repeated, if you would like to return to the shade of their teeth immediately after bleaching.

Sensitivity during the treatment may occur in some patients. Zoom! light results in minimal heat which is the usual source of discomfort. Very rarely, patients may experience slight tingling immediately after treatment, but that feeling quickly disappears. Together with bleaching gel comes an ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate), which is applied after the procedure and eliminates any discomfort to the patient.

Surgery and Implantology

Surgical intervetion and placement of dental implants are performed under local anesthesia right in our office. Extraction of wisdom teeth, apicoectomy, cysteoctomy, sinus lift, implant placement, are no longer a reason to go to the hospital.

3D diagnostics become imperative for planing implant therapy.. Knowledge of the third dimension and spatial relationships of anatomical structures facilitates the planning of implant procedure and makes it safer. The patient is better informed about the procedure, determining the positions and sizes of implants are determined more accurately; it is possible to estimate the quality and quantity of bone and to reduce the possibility of complications during and after surgery. We offer premium and standard implants by industry-leading suppliers as well as mini implants. Thanks to the mini implants anodontia is no longer an option. One arrival may be sufficient for long-term stabilization of removable dentures, with significant improvement of patients quality of life.

We offer premium and standard implants by industry-leading suppliers as well as mini implants. Thanks to the mini implants anodontia is no longer an option. One arrival may be sufficient for long-term stabilization of removable dentures, with significant improvement of patients quality of life.

We are members of the ITI International Team for Implantology.


„ The world remains on the young! “

We want to change the common perception that a visit to the dentist must always be uncomfortable and painful. We are founders of the project "tooth and I, two friends! ", Which includes pregnant women and all children from birth to 12 years. This project aims to educate children and parents about the importance of prevention and regular visits to the dentist. Going to the dentist can be fun. In our office the children have all the freedom and we do all we can to illustrate the world of teeth in a fun way.

Warranty and payment

For all the services we give a guarantee ranging from two years for conservative interventions, five years for prosthetic, 10 for implant procedures, provided that the patient comes for a regular check-up every 6-12 months, depending on dentist assessment. Payment is possible with cash and credit card. We accept all debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American.